Essential Tips to Packing Your Bags for Italy

People often have a hard time realizing this, but the less you pack the better. What constitutes ‘little’ is up to you, but benefits are based on a linear no-threshold model. Meaning that there is no limit to how much you can enjoy your trip by leaving everything behind, and having the freedom of moving light. That being said, going without a bag isn’t advised either. So here are some tips to get an idea on the essentials for Italy.

What you need


You would think that in a country like Italy there would be enough corkscrews. But turns out that there is so much great wine the most unexpected of places that it’s never a bad idea to carry one. At all times!

Passport Photocopies

Hate to say it but there are plenty of thieves and pickpockets in Italy. And it’s easy to loose your passport amongst other valuables simply by loosing the attention of your bag for seconds in the wrong situation. A copy of your passport will be the first help in hand on such situations!

Small Towel

In the often hot and humid Italy, a small towel can safe lives.

Comfortable Shoes

This is a surprising suggestion for minimalists but a life saving if you can save up the space for it. They will save your feet after long walks and Italy is not a country where you walk inside barefooted. Also, comfy casual shoes are light.

What you don’t need

High Heels

You won’t see Italians walking in their high heels in old beautiful Italian towns unless their husbands are driving them around with a fancy car. No matter how much you like to dress up, the pavements in Italy are not high heel friendly. And Italian shoes are god sent.

Electric Adapter, Converter

We are living in the 21st century, most electronic devices are compatible in all continents. If not, consider replacing your device instead.

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