Franco di Mare

Italian’s Loved Morning TV Host Franco di Mare

Italian journalist and author Franco di Mare is originally from Napoly and became internationally known for his work as a war correspondent in Kosovo. Now he wakes up Italians in his morning show. Captivating Di Mare is one of the most popular TV personalities. Although memories from war have not left him in piece, of which he has to write about. In the news, a lot was left unsaid.

TV Chanell Rai 1 launched it’s morning broadcast in 1986, when Franci di Mare was working far from Italian TV-studios. The purpose of the show was to wake up Italians in a way similar to American TV. The contents however would be essentially an Italian show which brings society, political and cultural subjects from the nation. Also international subjects are covered.

Watch his show: Uno Mattina on Rai 1 from Monday to Friday, 6:45 to 10:00

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