Cristina De Stefano

Modern Italian Authors: Cristina De Stefano

Our first look into Italian writers and the modern literature scene.

Amongst Italian top-names is the journalist and author Cristina De Stefano. Working in paris, she reflects the way modern writers tend to internationalize. Starting her career with the Elle magazine, she still operates there. But now most of the time is spent writing books. Biographies of known career women are of special interest.

Her recent book of the world renowned Italian journalist, Oriana Fallacin (1929-2006) tells the story of a brave career of the independent female journalist. Writing the book took years, and the next one is already under way.

Cristina also ponders the position of the Italian language, which is no longer self-evident in todays world where English dominates. For her it’s important to write in her mother tongue, but it’s also important to put foreign language sources into use. For De Stefano, both French and English are essential languages to work with amongst Italian.

On top of author and journalist work De Stefano works as an “agent of literature”, a scout which searches for new successes that should be translated to Italian. According to the writer, it’s like interesting detective work where you have to be in place before others.

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  1. Marietta Ale Reply

    Cristina is both a gorgeous woman and a great author! I highly recommend her latest book “Oriana una donna”, which is the very first biography of Oriana Fallaci.

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