Complete Guide to Online Shopping in Italy!

This is a look into the most popular online shopping sites in Italy — for all your material needs. The reason I am calling it ‘complete‘ is that I will add to it and improve it over time, as well as I’m ready to answer all your questions related to Italian online purchases.

Italy has a booming e-commerce industry. Ranking fifth amongst European countries in online retail sales. Italian online businesses are growing steadily and we are seeing more and more shops entering this promising market.

So enjoy — and let’s dive in!, Inc. (All)

Amazon was quick to enter the Italian e-commerce market in 2010. Although the company says that it has served Italian customers since 1995, which is the year when it first shipped an item from the US Amazon store to Italy. Amazon prime launched in 2011.

The California based online shopping giant is one of the biggest in the country and boasts with an impressive variety of goods with affordable door-to-door delivery.

Categories include: Digital Music, E-readers & Kindle eBooks, Food & Personal Care, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Music, Movies & TV, Commerce, Industry and Science, Sports and Recreation, Games and Childhood, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Books, Home, Garden and DIY, Video Games, Made in Italy, Electronics and Computers.

Zalando SE – (Fashion)

Operating in fourteen European countries, Zalando is one of the most popular web stores with focus on all kinds of fashion items. Categories include a wide variety of clothing and shoes for men, women and kids. It’s attraction lies in the huge collection of affordable “fast fashion” products as well as cheap or even free home delivery for bigger orders.

Euronics – (Electronics)

A popular electrical retailer in Italy. If your looking to order a computer or any other electronics, it’s worth checking for offers on Euronics. They also have physical stored scattered around Italy. Categories include: Television, Video, Audio and Hi-Fi, Photography & Camcorders, Telephones, Radio and GPS, Computers, Tablets, Game Consoles, Movies, Ebooks, Music, Appliances.

eBay – (All)

With the lack of a matching Italian auctions website, the US based bidding platform has well established it’s position in the country. With a possibility to shop from a vast number of online resellers from small-, mid-, to big-sized companies located around the world. Also Italian sellers are active on eBay, which some special food items for example, that are not available online anywhere else.

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  1. Tiffany t Reply

    Hi Luca… thanks for sharing this. I am in the process of moving to Verona so this guide will come in handy. Generally looks like Amazon will be the way to go for most things, just for the sake of convenience…!

    I was just wondering how are the delivery costs in general?

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    Pretty good guide. Helped me out find what I needed.

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    Good list, but the first one is the obvious one.. obviously 🙂

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