Italy Street Nuns

Quick & Handy Tips on Being Polite — the Italian way!

Per favore….? Asking for directions on the street in Italy for example is perfectly normal so there is no need to hesitate. Italians are helpful and often prefer to ask around themselves to make life easier.

To get along in Italian culture, one should be friendly and use small words and gestures to express politeness. It tells about the respectful attitude of people — even a small smile is a rewarding gesture.

Most common expression is the “per favore” or please in English, which is attached to most requests. It also gets peoples attention effectively. Equally important is to always thank people by saying firmly “grazie”.

If you bother someone, bump into them by accident or just need some attention, the other most useful expression is “scusi” or “mi scusi”. If an italian is trying to get through a busy crowd in a hurry, he will use the expression “permesso!”.

When someone thanks you, the answer is usually a simple “prego” or “non c’è di che” meaning don’t mention it!

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